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Showcase Drywall:
An Impeccable Safety Record

Front Cover of a Safety Manual

Showcase Means
Solid Safety for
Your Worksite

Workplace accidents are costly in human suffering, damage to the site and schedule delays. A construction site is a dangerous place, where accidents and injuries can happen in a split second, no matter the worker’s experience level. We have extremely strict rules when it comes to on-site practices and safety regulations for our workers and craftsmen. Showcase Drywall’s general safety and health policy deals with the wide range of safety and security concerns on-site from on-the-job injuries, occupational and environmental related health policies, wearing personal protective equipment, material handling and storage, and fall precautions. Please contact us for a copy of our safety manual.

This is why Showcase hasn’t had a single worker comp claim. Ever. Our commitment to safety means employees who are healthy and whole and aren’t missing from the job site due to work-related accidents. Your construction site will be safer when Showcase is on the job.

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